Julia's Cake Stand Rentals


About Julia's Cake Stand Rentals

An artist has her paints and canvas, a musician his instrument, and a host her tools for entertaining that keep the focus on celebrating. We are the silent party planners you can count on to help make your celebrations and special events beautiful and joyful. We’ve got the goods to display savory feasts and sweet treats at your wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, bat/bar-mitzvah—and more!—in the style that resonates the most with you.

We’ve found ourselves in the position of having to buy (or borrow) premium cake and dessert stands for one-time events. That got us thinking: why buy or borrow—why not rent the necessary items instead?

Why rent our cake stands?
  • Customize your package, feel free to mix and match, making party planning way more efficient—and fun!
  • We save you time.
  • We save you valuable storage space.
  • We provide consulting and onsite set-up.
  • Our packages include delivery and pickup!

Based in beautiful Oakland, California, we service the San Francisco Bay Area, and Napa and Sonoma counties. If you're interested in renting with Julia's Cake Stand Rentals, please submit your order via the phone at 510-282-1229 or email. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post dessert table tips, recipes, and more! Also, if you've ever wondered what a cake stand rental owner does all day and get the behind the scenes view of fun events, then follow us on IG Stories: @juliascakestandrentals :)

Looking for more information on the benefits of renting vs. buying?  See our compare table here!


Meet Julia

Julia loves all things that have to do with desserts, design, marketing, and travel. She loves desserts from egg custard tarts and croissants, to cupcakes. She worked in the corporate world for years and now she's doing what she always dreamed of - starting her own business to help make things pretty. It all started when Julia threw a baby shower for a good friend and wanted to make it fabulous to impress her friends and family, but found it difficult to find affordable and beautiful dessert stands. Her friends frequently had the same challenges with finding the perfect dessert stands for their special events, and so Julia's Cake Stand Rentals was born!