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Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 2 of 5): Backdrops

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                                                            Photo Credit:  Onewed

                                                            Photo Credit: Onewed

Hi all and welcome back to my series on dessert tables!

In my last post, I talked about the importance of the table linen when it comes to creating a stylish and impressive dessert table. Today, I cover the focal point of the display-the backdrop!

As it is with any creative project, there are a number of different styles from which to choose. Here, I will focus on three main styles: Natural, Simple & Cute, and Elaborate. 

1. Natural: If your event is taking place outdoors, take advantage of your surroundings--it may be that no handmade backdrop is needed! To maximize nature's bounty, use the natural greenery or landscape to complement your table. Using a banner can also enhance the look and style of the table. 

                                Photo Credits:  Donal ,  The Cake Blog ,  Wildflower Linens

                                Photo Credits: DonalThe Cake BlogWildflower Linens

2. Simple & Cute: Keep it Simple Sweetie! Finding a plain wall with no seams, or using windows are great ways to create a clean backdrop and save the pizazz for the desserts and decor. You can always dress it up with a few brightly colored balloons, banners, streamers, and butterfly cutouts! With a simple backdrop, the possibilities are endless! 

                              “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

                                             - Clare Booth Luce

3. Elaborate: Elaborate backdrops look amazing and set the mood for the whole dessert table! They can be customized with a variety of paper pinwheels, origami cranes, a personalized printed backdrop, paper flowers, real flowers, a collection of frames, or many balloons (check out the ombre color scheme below!). 

I hope these backdrops help inspire you to create the perfect dessert table for your event. As always, be sure to keep your overall vision in mind when planning your table and build up from there. We've covered table linens and backdrops, and once you've made your choices there, everything else will follow pretty easily! 

Stay tuned for the next articles in the series where I will talk about desserts, dessert stands, and decor.

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Have a sweet day!

Julia :)