Julia's Cake Stand Rentals

Julia's Cake Stand Rentals is Live!

Our StoryJulia Chan

I’m excited to announce the launch of Julia’s Cake Stand Rentals! Based in Oakland and serving the Bay Area, our mission is to make your dessert (and savory) tables beautiful by providing stylish and premium dessert stands at affordable rates. We know party planning can be a lot of work, which is why we’ve made our rental process a thorough one: we provide design consulting, delivery, set-up, pick-up, and clean up—all at a small fraction of the price that buying everything yourself would require. 

It all started with the beautiful cake stand I saw online. I had to have it. Then I saw the price tag, and I thought, then again, maybe I don’t. The idea for this company started from my own experience looking for the perfect dessert stands for a friend’s baby shower. This was my first time throwing a big party and my chance to impress my friends. I wanted to have a stylish event with all the frills without the big budget that frequently comes with it. Part of that involved having a memorable dessert spread, but I couldn’t justify the high expense for dessert stands that would only be used for this one occasion. Soon after, I kept hearing other friends lament that they’d love to be able to do something similar for their own parties, and there was nothing available in the Bay Area. From there, the idea of Julia’s Cake Stand Rentals was born - why couldn’t we have easy access to stylist dessert stands without the large upfront investment? We’re here to make this happen.

Your time is precious. So don’t spend precious time to hunt down the perfect pieces you need for an event that you may never need again.

Please let us know if you’re looking for anything in particular or have any customized requests. My team and I look forward to meeting you and helping to make your party beautiful!


Julia Chan