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Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 3 of 5): Desserts

Julia Chan

Hi all! And welcome to the third installment in my series on creating an impressive dessert table. So far we have discussed the foundation of the table - the linen and the backdrop. Now, we have made it to the main (and tastiest) feature - the desserts! Sweets really do reign supreme and this becomes quite clear when we take a look at the sheer amount of choices we have. The exciting news is that this is your opportunity to share some of your personal favorites, indulge your guests’ guilty pleasures, or both! The Centerpiece Cake(s): Speaking of reigning supreme, cake...

A Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party!

Birthday Party, Colorful Dessert Table, Dessert Table, Kid's Party, Pow Patrol, White Cake StandJulia Chan

Happy Friday! Today, we're featuring my best friend's son's 3rd birthday party and the theme was his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol! This party was wonderfully planned with a fun dessert table, creative decor, and a great atmosphere for all.  The dessert table was a real treat. She had red vines, labeled fire hoses, bright colored dog bowls with graham cracker dog bones, a puppy chow mix (I'm still not sure what that really was :D, maybe chex mix?), blue jello for a mock water bowl, fruit, and a lovely lemon meringue pie on top of our robinson blue glass Mosser...

Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 2 of 5): Backdrops

Backdrop, Backdrop Ideas, Backdrop Inspiration, Design Dessert Table, Dessert Table, Dessert Table Backdrop, Dessert Table Styling, Great Dessert Table TipsJulia Chan

Photo Credit: Onewed Hi all and welcome back to my series on dessert tables! In my last post, I talked about the importance of the table linen when it comes to creating a stylish and impressive dessert table. Today, I cover the focal point of the display-the backdrop! As it is with any creative project, there are a number of different styles from which to choose. Here, I will focus on three main styles: Natural, Simple & Cute, and Elaborate.  1. Natural: If your event is taking place outdoors, take advantage of your surroundings--it may be that no handmade backdrop is...