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NEW! Rose Gold, Red, & Wood Dessert Stands, & Decorative Pieces

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Hi all, I'm excited to share that we've added quite a number of new dessert stands and decorative pieces! We have dessert stands in the trendy rose gold color below. I've been dying to add this color to the collection. See all the details for these rose gold dessert stands here. Also available now are these gorgeous deep red glass thistle cake stands! I love this design and they match perfectly with our square red glass cake stand. These are great for Valentine's Day, bridal showers, Fourth of July Celebrations, Christmas, and more! Last but certainly not least, we also...

Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 4 of 5): Cake Stands

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Hi all! We’ve come such a long way in our dessert table series! We’ve covered linens, backdrops, and desserts, and today I'm covering my favorite subject - cake stands! Cake stands truly transform your desserts and your table into something spectacular.  And what better way to showcase them than by simply showing you what we offer! Contrasting the cake stands with your backdrop can give a striking appearance.  On the table below, classic white milk glass cake stands sit against a black background. And paired with the gorgeous garland and gold accented glass boxes, this table makes a bold statement!...

A Paw Patrol Themed Birthday Party!

Birthday Party, Colorful Dessert Table, Dessert Table, Kid's Party, Pow Patrol, White Cake StandJulia Chan

Happy Friday! Today, we're featuring my best friend's son's 3rd birthday party and the theme was his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol! This party was wonderfully planned with a fun dessert table, creative decor, and a great atmosphere for all.  The dessert table was a real treat. She had red vines, labeled fire hoses, bright colored dog bowls with graham cracker dog bones, a puppy chow mix (I'm still not sure what that really was :D, maybe chex mix?), blue jello for a mock water bowl, fruit, and a lovely lemon meringue pie on top of our robinson blue glass Mosser...