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Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 4 of 5): Cake Stands

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Hi all! We’ve come such a long way in our dessert table series! We’ve covered linens, backdrops, and desserts, and today I'm covering my favorite subject - cake stands! Cake stands truly transform your desserts and your table into something spectacular.  And what better way to showcase them than by simply showing you what we offer! Contrasting the cake stands with your backdrop can give a striking appearance.  On the table below, classic white milk glass cake stands sit against a black background. And paired with the gorgeous garland and gold accented glass boxes, this table makes a bold statement!...

Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 2 of 5): Backdrops

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Photo Credit: Onewed Hi all and welcome back to my series on dessert tables! In my last post, I talked about the importance of the table linen when it comes to creating a stylish and impressive dessert table. Today, I cover the focal point of the display-the backdrop! As it is with any creative project, there are a number of different styles from which to choose. Here, I will focus on three main styles: Natural, Simple & Cute, and Elaborate.  1. Natural: If your event is taking place outdoors, take advantage of your surroundings--it may be that no handmade backdrop is...

Designing Beautiful Dessert Tables (Part 1 of 5): Table Linens

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Hi all, and welcome! This is the first post in a five part series that will teach you how to turn a basic dessert table into an impressive dessert table!   I'm quite literally starting from the bottom and building up. I'm kicking the series off with the table linen! It truly is the foundation of a dessert table and sets the mood and style for the overall look, so it's important to pick the right one.  The possibilities for styling a dessert table are endless (that's why I'm here!). These three looks should help you get started: Solids and...