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Silver Cake Stands

NEW Black, Gold, and Silver Cake Stands and Pedestals!

Black Pedestals, Gold Dessert Pedestals, New, New Cake Stands, New Products, Silver Cake StandsJulia Chan

Hi all, I'm excited to share that we've added a lot of beautiful dessert pedestals to our collection! I've been busy, so I haven't been able to announce them all. Below are just a few of them - our new gorgeous black, gold and vintage silver pedestals, but be sure to follow us via Instagram and Facebook to get the latest news on new pieces and great dessert tables. All of our pedestals are available for rent now, so contact us to reserve them today. Our new black cake pedestals by both Mosser Glass (designed and made in the USA)...

Vintage Silver Plated Cake Stands and Compote - New!

New Cake Stands, New Products, Silver Cake Stands, Silver CompoteJulia Chan

We're very excited about the latest addition to our collection: Vintage Silver Plated Cake Stands and a Compote by Sheridan and the International Silver Company! They're beautiful, elegant, and timeless. We have our friend, Christina, to thank for these wonderful pieces! The compote has a 7 3/4"d, the medium stand has a 12"d and the large stand has a 15"d - measurements include the rim. We've just posted them on the site, so they're available now!