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Buttercream Dessert Stand Collection - Julia's Cake Stand Rentals

Our Buttercream Dessert Stand Collection will brighten up any party with that perfect hint of sunshine!

Eight piece collection (see third image for the key):

  • A - 8"d x 7.5"h Large Compote by Mosser
  • B - 10"d x 8"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • C - Small Porcelain Compote by Rosanna
  • D - 12"d x 9"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • F - 6"d x 5.5"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • G - 9"d x 7.25"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • H - Small Porcelain Compote by Rosanna
  • I - 15"d x 5"h Inverted Thistle Cake Stand by Mosser

Feel free to mix and match or substitute pieces to personalize your package.  As always, the consultation and clean up are included!

*Set up, delivery, and pick up are also available.

Note: E (tiny glass pedestals), the glass dome, and round crystal plate are not included.

Buttercream Dessert Stand Collection

$ 150.00

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