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Pink Dessert Stands - Julia's Cake Stand Rentals

Celebrate your baby shower or birthday with our Darling Pink Dessert Stand Collection.  The different hues and textures of pink add that extra touch of cute to any occasion.

Nine piece collection (see third image for the key):

  • A - 7"d x 8"h Large Inverted Thistle Rose Compote by Mosser
  • B - 9"d x 7.25"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • C - 6"d x 5.5"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • D - 12"d x 9"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • E - 5.5"d Small Berry Bowl by Mosser
  • G - 8.5"d x 4.5"h Inverted Thistle Rose Cake Stand by Mosser
  • H - 11"d x 5"h Inverted Thistle Rose Cake Stand by Mosser
  • I - 10"d x 8"h Cake Stand by Mosser
  • J - 5.5"d Small Inverted Thistle Rose Bowl by Mosser

Feel free to mix and match or substitute pieces to personalize your package.  As always, the consultation and clean up are included!

*Set up, delivery, and pick up are also available.

Note: F (tiny glass pedestals) and the round crystal plate are not included.

Darling Pink Dessert Stand Collection

$ 150.00

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